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7 in 1 Screen Tester Use Manual

Posted on 14th Apr 2017 @ 10:22 AM

          The 7 in 1 screen tester can test iPhone 4/4S/5/5S/5C/6/6plus, it can't test iPhone 6S/6S Plus/7/7 Plus.  However,  it is not so easy to use the tester.  As we know, there are many kinds of iPhone LCD in market. Original LCD, Longteng LCD, Tianma LCD, AUO LCD, Shenchao LCD, Jingdongfang LCD, LG LCD.   We need to choose correct model for mentioned LCD. Below is the testing procedure.   

Step1: Turn on tester (press the "Power Switch" key on left side to power on).


Step2: Select correct model.(press "Model Switch" key on right side, until find correct model)


          "OGS" model support: Jingdongfang, Tianma, Longteng LCD.
          "BOE" model support: Jingdongfang, Tianma, Shenchao, Youda LCD.
          "AU" model support: Youda LCD.
          "IP6 5.5-1.2.3" model support: LG LCD.
          "Auo Vio" model support:  Shenchao, Youda LCD.
           All models are available for original LCD.

Step3. Turn off the tester. (press the "Power Switch" key)

Step4. Connect the screen to tester, and turn on the tester again.

Step5. Touch function testing. Press the On/off key to test touch function.( "TP OK" means touch function is ok)


Step6. Display function testing. Press "up/pause" or "down/burn" key to page up/down the sight, check LCD performance.


Step7. Take down the screen, and test next screen.