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Why Buy iPhone LCD from handypart.com

Posted on 25th Apr 2017 @ 8:30 AM

         There are plenty kinds of iPhone screens in the market. They are different quality with different price. It is very important for a repair shop to choose a good supplier with excellent iPhone LCD and other parts.  Handypart.com has been worked in this field for more than 5 years. All parts from us are 100% tested with 12 months warranty.  We have very strict testing procedure to control the quality.  Our iPhone screens are much better than other supplier in below 5 aspect.

         1. Touch function of our screen are much better than others.  It is neither too slow nor too fast.  Stable touch function is very important for iPhone users. If touching reflection is too slow or too fast, users will feel uncomfortable.  Workers from handypart.com will test full screen to ensure touching function work on all area, no die pixel. 


        2. Excellent backlight make good display performance.  All screens from handypart.com use very good backlight. The LCD display performance are much clear and light than others.


       3. Frame bezel are very strong. All iPhone LCD from handypart.com use cold glue, it make the frame bezel much stronger than others. As we know, frame bezel dropping is a headach problem especially on iPhone 6 and 6S screen. But if you buy LCD from us, no worry about it. Our worker push and pull each frame bezel with fingers before shipping, ensure it is strong enough.

iphone-lcd-frame-drop.jpg iphone-lcd-frame-off.png

       4. Our screen match back housing better.  In spite of original iPhone LCD, most made-in-China LCD have problem on size. They don't fit back housing perfectly. There  are 0.5 to 1mm gap between screen and back housing. This always cause display problem and frame bezel problem after installation. But handypart.com do well in this problem. we revised the screen parameter and make it match back housing much better.



     5. Home button is more comfortable on our screens. We pay more attention to details, which make the home button more easy for operation.


We pay most attention to quality;

We offer 12 months warranty;

We are most professional in this field;

That is why you would like to buy screen from us.