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3 Revolution in iPhone 8

Posted on 31st May 2017 @ 4:08 AM

Apple will release new iPhone 8 on Septemper 2018. There are some photos leaked on internet. Comparing to iPhone 7 and before version, there are 3 below revolution on iPhone 8 which are already confirmed.



1. iPhone 8 support wireless charge.

As we know, all iPhone 7 and before version didn't support wireless charge. But iPhone 8 fix it. So there may be no USB charge cable and charge port on iPhone 8 any more.

2. iPhone 8 has no home button.

The Physical home button is completely removedon iPhone 8. It is built in the screen. When you press the screen, there is a home button appear on the screen, it is hided inside the screen.

3. iPhone 8 support 3D Face recognize.

With new VR and 3D technology, iPhone 8 can recognize your face automatically when power on. Touch ID may be useless in future.