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Problem LCD

Below are some normal problem on iPhone LCD screen. Our testing system will refuse all of them. You won't find any of these problem on our screens. See how we test our screen!

1. Damaged or destroyed smartphone Parts


If the package is strongly pressed or damaged on delivery, it may cause this problem. However, our product are well packed with inner EVA box, and outter foam carton. Double protection bring safe to all our product.

2. LCD Screen is dirty


We check our product carefully. These dirty Display screen is not allow in our system.

3. No fix small parts & LCD scratched


We will fix all small parts on our screen, including the camera ring + anti-dust metal grid + sponge on back of connector. And we won't accept used LCD. If there are any screen which no fix small parts, please tell us. Your feedback is very important for us.

4. LCD screen frame stripping


If the adhesive/glue is not enough, or the quality is no good, it always cause the LCD frame stripping. Our worker will try to peel off each frame on testing process, if any problem, refused it.

5. Screen don't fit housing


It is a usual problem, that the LCD screen don't fit the back housing perfectly. If the frame size is not in standard, it will cause lifting while install the LCD into the back housing. It is very hard to put it on or even impossible. To avoid this problem, we mached all LCD with housing in testing procedure. So our quality is always much better than others.

6. Spot or shadow on Display


This defective LCD will cause these problem. We 100% refused that kinds of iPhone screen.

7.Backlight problem


If the backlight of LCD is broken, the light will penetrate the film, and cause display problem. So please never clean the backside of LCD with alcohol.

8.LCD damaged


When you see this problem on the iPhone screen, it is caused by LCD broken. Please carry and put the screen very lightly. LCD is very sensitive, any beating or drop will cause damage.

9. LCD is strongly pressed


When you hold the LCD, please catch the side of frame with your fingers. Please never hold the mid of LCD. Bad operation always cause pressure to the LCD surface, and it bring the upper problem. If the package is pressed on delivery, it may cause same problem.

10 IC connector problem


The IC on iPhone screen is also very sensitive. If it loose or damage, it will bring this problem. And for this defective iPhone LCD, we can do nothing except throw it to trash´╝ü

Youtube watch iPhone LCD Testing Video!   youtube2.png